Friday, November 26, 2010

Let the fun begin!!

So, the Made it store I've stated with my great friend and partner-in-crime Rebecca is OPEN. And I've even made two sales!!! My felted shaker eggs have winged their way to Wollongong and a lovely lady from Echuca, Victoria will be saddling up her boys with some cowboy bodysuits. I love the way you can make these small connections across the country. It is quite exciting to think of your loved creations being worn by someone other than your own kids!

I'm too frightened to show you my sewing/computer room as it is a tad messy & cluttered (unlike the inspirational work spaces you see around blog-land) but I'm trying to eek out a place deserved of my new machine (that's another post). Anyhoo, I'm feeling crowded by the piles of unfinished and finished clothes so off to Ikea today to buy a stack of boxes to help get me organised before it gets too late.

I love Ikea, $12 and 6 storage boxes later and I feel better just seeing them constructed and stacked in the lounge! So, check out our listings, I now know exactly what I have in hand and everything is ready to ship within a day. 

Enjoy the rest of your day. I'm off for dinner at my mum's (doesn't matter how old you get, dinner at your mum's is the best).


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