Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Fabric bundles for another project

FunBundleColoured Fun BundleMum & I had a great day Monday. After we had Giles weighed (6.8kg @ 18wks old) we went to Annie P Papers to spend my voucher that Mark had bought me for our 1yr wedding anniversary (yes, that was a while ago) & then down to Mosman Park to Calico & Ivy. They have the most beautiful fabrics & knitting supplies, Spotlight eat-your-heart-out! I'm especially in love with the Amy Butler & Kaffe Fassett range. Speaking of Kaffe, I must stop new projects & get back to sewing that quilt I started in Calgary (that'll be a new post when I do). I don't want to start a new quilt (both $$ and time prohibitive) but I wanted to get some little bits of fabric to jazz up some of Giles' shirts/pants. They had these great fabric bundles fo $10 & $4.50 (very in my price range), so I'm set to embellish some of his shirts.

Hanging card 1Oh, and finally, here are some pics of the papers I bought yesterday, and a quick card I sewed up. It is Mel's birthday this Saturday so I'll have to whip her up something special. Oh, also took a sneaky photo of how to embellish a bottle or pressie.

Annie P papers  Inspiration card

Well thats all for today, Giles has woken up, is sitting on my lap & is very interested in mummys typing fingers :)

Anouk...If only I could knit

If only I could knit (and had a baby girl :)) I would make this really cute dress. Someone on TheNappyNetwork forum made one, then made shorties to match as her baby girl got older.

The pattern can be found at

I thought with the new babies in Fernie Jacq, you could find someone to make this for.

Speaking of knitting, I didn't realise there was a whole subculture of Dishcloth knitters. Who would have thought?? Check out the Dishcloth Boutique.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Hmm. What to do with these?

Thought I'd show you the fabrics I bought.

These I got for $4/m PLUS buy 2m get one free, PLUS 20% off total, not bad huh!! The green fabric has been used for the grobags & I'm dying to make a girly grobag out of the pink velour, it is so soft & lucious.

The helicopter fleece will be for more nappies (give-aways me thinks)


Ok, so this isn't by a Crafty Mamma, rather a Crafty Pappa!
The sling is made from Mark's old backpack & worked really well on our first outing. Giles fell asleep on the way there & on the way home.
You're right Jacq, this MEC trailer has TONNES of room for storage. I think I'll use this to get my groceries.

Kanzashi Flowers

My Kanzashi Flowers

I did these while Giles was having a catnap which means they are SUPER fast to make!

Such a cute result I’ll definitely be making more, although I have no clue what to put them on???

I stumbled across this tutorial this morning so thought it would be a fun thing to try with the scrap leftovers from the SleepSacs.

Here are more pics

Friday, February 23, 2007

Zucchini Ginger Cupcakes

Typical, Amber's first post is a not-so-healthy cake recipe ;)

These delicate, lightly spiced cupcakes are reminiscent of carrot cake. Grated zucchini makes them exceptionally moist.

They got the thumbs up by Blair & Suzanna last night

Click for recipe

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