Monday, September 3, 2012

Rainbow tiger princess waiting for dinner...

Mollydag Made
Fabulous handmade children's clothes & accessories


A princess rainbow tiger waiting for dinner....

Mollydag Made
Fabulous handmade children's clothes & accessories

Monday, May 7, 2012

Drum roll.....

So, since January 2012 I've stamped 6240 wooden disks, making around 300 games! 

Drum roll.......The winner is:

Lana J.
who guessed 6348

Wowsers, I am blown away by all the support I've been shown by friends, fellow businesses & most importantly my loyal customers.

Here's to another fabulous 6 months!! 

Friday, May 4, 2012


As you know I'm all out of wooden disks at the moment & it gave me time to reflect on what an amazing 6 months it has been for MollydagMade. Thank you all for being so supportive & making it such a blast. For a bit of fun, I'm going to run a guessing game over the weekend while I'm away.

Simply guess how many wooden disks you think I've stamped since January of this year. Closest answer will win two games of their choice (current stock only)

Competition is now closed.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

New game - Shut The Box

Ohhh, i've been a bad girl! I should have been a domestic goddess this weekend, cleaning, cooking, washing, folding washing etc.....but instead I made another stop-motion animation to show you how to play my newest Game to Go - Shut the Box!

This is a fabulously addictive game which we've really been enjoying here at home. The Boy started Pre-primary last week so this game has been a great chance to test out his new mathematic skills. My Little Miss also likes a game, we just play with the one dice & she finds the disk that matches the number on the dice.

So, enjoy the video. I'll be posting some other ways to play the game over at the Instructions & Extras page soon.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I spy bags, AKA Peek-a-boo!

Meet the newest addition to the Games to Go! 
A wee I-spy bag perfect to keep the dreamlets busy. 

Each 14cm bag is filled with lupins, and hiding amongst them are 10 little wooden disks, stamped with a wee picture on both sides. Squish n' squash, shake & shimmy to move the disks around behind the window. 

How long will it take you to find all 20 little pictures?

I couldn't resist. As I was sewing these bags & stacking them up beside the sewing machine, they reminded me so much of The Princess & The Pea. The kids were most fascinated by what I was doing. Here's an excerpt of the conversation with The Boy,

Boy:  "why have you got a pea?"
Me: "well, they were trying to see if she could feel the pea. That would mean she was a princess".
Boy: "why did she have all those mattresses, I only have 1"
Me: "you're not a princess".

Then Miss T ate the pea!

I'll be giving one of these bags away as a freebie on my Facebook page before listing them in my store.
So get over & get yourself one !!

PS. I love a little helper who wants to be just like mummy...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Little lovelies

Look at these two super cute wee dolls from Cook You Some Noodles (what a great name!). They belong to a friend of mine who was super lucky to jag not one, but 3 of these little wonders. 

Apparently these dollies are rarer than hens teeth in rocking horse poop. Looking at the attention to detail and immaculate construction, I'm not surprised when these dolls sell within seconds of being listed in her web store.

The wee boy has hand painted shoes & a helicopter on his T. I love the fact he has a fake fly sewn into his jeans & a hand crochet toque! The little girl has hand painted mary-janes, a removable skirt & the cutest rosette in her hair. You can even buy a matching bag & sleeping bag for the dolls.

I'm constantly in awe of the beautiful handcraft that can be found around the traps & it really was a treat to meet these two up close & personal.

I see that the next market night is this sunday, so if you like these dolls, I'd be getting my trigger finger ready to grab one before they're gone.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Free Printable BINGO cards ready for download!!

They are finally here! 

After my loooooong hiatus from my poor neglected blog & Facebook page, I'm back!

Not only am I back but I've been busy behind the scenes getting some new games ready, ordering some very exciting new packaging, stocking some gorgeous stores including Little Toot Creations and Sweet Creations and my new logo from Boutique by Design is nearly ready!! 

So while it looks like I'm laying low, I'm really being a busy beaver. I should share more.......that way you wouldn't think I've fallen off the planet, ha ha!

OK, onto the exciting news of today. The free printable BINGO cards to match your memory sets are finally ready. Apologies to all those very patient customers to whom I promised to have them ready ages ago. 

The kids & I have given the games a thorough test run and they are really fun. So, to download your BINGO cards & instructions, click on the links below: