Friday, November 11, 2011

Colourful Caterpillar

Welcome the Colourful Caterpillar, the newest addition to the Mollydag Made family of wooden games for toddlers.

Roll the coloured die & build your colourful caterpillar. 
Who will be the first to complete their wiggly caterpillar?

This game is specially designed for young children’s hands. Through the action of bead threading, your child is developing fine motor skills, a skill which has been found to be key to early literacy. Through play, your child is also talking about colours, pattern recognition & game play. 

Who knew you could learn so much whilst having such a great time!

Game comes with:
4 caterpillar tails & threading cord
20 coloured caterpillar body pieces (stained using non-toxic food-safe wood dye)
4 caterpillar heads
1 coloured die
Drawstring bag

I'll be listing them in the store & will have them on display at the Perth Upmarket.

Now, I had better get cracking making more!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tickle the Imagination has released their Christmas Magazine today. It is an absolutely beautiful online magazine (free!) full of projects, tutorials and pages and pages of beautiful handmade gifts for Christmas.  

Look who was featured!!!!

You can win yourself a Game-to-go by heading to the Tickle The Imagination Blog . If you live in the Melbourne area, don't forget to enter to win a photo session by Sara Taylor too.

I have to duck away and get the babes ready for school - damn! I'm looking forward to sitting down tonight & having a really good read.

Do yourself a favour and take a peek when you have a spare few minutes & a hot cup of coffee.