Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sweet Lunchbag

This is the sweetest idea for a lunch bag!!

Plastisise the interior...your imagination would be the limit of what animal these could become!!!

Sweet Lunch Bag

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Toddler Visor beanie

I came across this toddler beanie for sale at Etsy that I think would look super cool on Giles for winter. If only I could crochet more than a big string of chain stitches. I haven't managed to turn & crochet a 2nd row yet, although I've bookmarked every tutorial site I've come across I still don't 'get it'! Any suggestions are most appreciated. I might have to find a knitting cafe here in Perth to see if someone can give me a hand.

However, when I do learn, I'd love to make one of these. I did a quick search looking for a pattern and then I came across THIS site. Whoo there's alot of hat patterns here! I'm sure you're clever enough Jacq to find something that is tre' cute for the kids. If you find a pattern that resembles this hat, let me know.

Toddler beanie

Monday, March 19, 2007

Crazy Star Patchwork Quilt Tutorial


Finally, here is the tutorial for the Crazy Star Quilt, the easiest stack-and-slash quilt around.

I hope that the instructions are clear enough, it's the first tutorial I've done. This size will do a baby crib but you can upscale the squares, or do more if you need to make a larger quilt. They would make good pillow covers, as long as you needed six! If you have any queries, give me a yell.

Tutorial HERE

Thanks for the comment Jacq, all photos now have instructions on them....

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Handy Dandy Diaper Purse

Inspired by the upcoming arrival of the Shultz and Gale babies, I wanted to give these families a user friendly diapering "system" that both Mums and Dads would appreciate. I think this handy dandy diaper purse is just the thing.

I know, when changing a little wee bum, it is important to be quick and fuss free. You need everything at your fingertips, so the procedure can go as smooth as possible. Let's be honest, for some reason children fight getting a clean bum. After flipping a coin to see who's turn it is, ;) grab this bag and go...all you need is right there.

Diaper Purse

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bandana Bib

Bandana 2

Originally uploaded by CraftyMammas.
To catch the copious amounts of drool Giles is manufaturing these days, I thought I would whip up a bandana bib. Lets face it, if he is to be wearing them all the time, he may as well be as cool as he can be! I made this one out of the cotton I had bought for his grobag and made it reversible with a blue & orange snap. I don't know if it fits him yet as he is fast alseep. It took much self control not to creep into his room & try it on. Mark would be furious if I'd woken him ;)
I'll post a photo of him in it tomorrow morning.

Monday, March 12, 2007

The Wallis Gene

We had a bit of drama this morning as Giles took a tumble. Bad Mummy!!! :(

I phoned Jacq and she just cracked-up laughing "Must be the Wallis gene" she said. We in this family find Funniest Home Videos something to truly laugh at, particularly when people fall off swings or slides etc. I must find

Anyhow, Giles is OK, just a bit shaken up. I think I'm more traumatised than he is. He's been in my arms most of the morning as I don't want to let him out of my arms again. As I've been left with only one arm, it's given me the time to browse many other great crafting blogs & bookmark things I like. There are so many creative people out there (some with WAY too much time on their hands).

So don't forget to check out our CraftyMammas del.icio.us bookmarks.

Helicopter nappy

Helicopter model

Originally uploaded by CraftyMammas.

I whipped up two of these nappies last night. They are just so easy to sew any novice like myself can pull it off. I can't believe how well the cloth system is working for us. I don't think we'll need to use disposables as these work out to be about $6-10 per nappy, including the hemp absorbant stuffer. I anyone in fernie is interested Jacq, I can send you some to try out. There are more descriptive photos on flickr.
Apologies for the boring post, I hae bug-a-lugs in my arms so am typing one handed!

Cute biscuits

Teddy bear

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Our friends Candice & Llewellyn little ones turned 2 and 3 this week so we celbrated at ToddlerTown with a birthday party yesterday. Candice & I spent all Saturday making the party food, good training for October!
I saw these biscuits in the Women's Weekly baby & toddler cookbook and just thought they looked so cute. I think they turned out really well & tasted yummy too (unlike most party food). I'll edit this post to include the recipe for you when I get a chance.

Download the Recipe HERE

Mustang Grobag

Mustang GrobagWell here is the mustang grobag all made up. I'm so pleased with the results. The bias binding is quite tricky to sew...I'm impressed, Amber, that you did that. If I were to make them again I think I would do the "zip down the middle" kind as you woud only need to apply the bias binding down the centre line, over the zip.

Well one down, one to go...'till the next bundle of joy.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Grobag fabric

Here is the fabric I've chosen for the grobags for th Shultz and Gale babies. I particularly love the Mustang print and red cordoroy fabric combination. I was pretty happy to find these treasures in my fabric box in the attic. Will post shortly the finished product.

Grobag Fabric

Friday, March 2, 2007

Another night, another project

Heart Tee detail

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I've started to make the fabric embellished t-shirts from the fabric I bought at calico & ivy. I went to Kmart today and found these size 00 jumpsuits for....wait for it.....35c each!!! They are reduced summer stock, plus they had an additional 25% off. I bought the white t-shirts for $2.50. What a bargain!! I couldn't pass up such a good deal so I ended up buying a shirt for every baby in our playgroup ;) 19 shirts/jumpsuits for a grand total of $19.35c.

There are a couple more on Flickr & I'll post more photos as they are done......