Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This weeks' WIP

I thought I'd post sneak peeks of what I'm up to this week.


You know me, I change projects more often than I change my undies.

Incredible Hulk Pikelets

Incredible Hulk Pikelets

Originally uploaded by CraftyMammas.

A bit of green food colouring and Voila - Incredible Hulk Pikelets!
These would look good for a party, multicoloured.
The Boy liked them this way.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Idle hands...

"Better keep busy, and the devil won't find so much for your idle hands to do"

I've been catching the train to Fremantle every day for work and have been moaning about the long commute ever since I started. Truth be told, it was less about the travel per se, and more about missing being at home with my two boys, feeling an extra 2.5 hours of travel time on top of an 8 hour work day was too much.
Anyhoo, rather than continuing to bitch about it, I now look upon my time on the train as a precious two lots of 40 minutes which is all my own. So, with my elbows tucked in as if I'm sitting at a full Christmas dinner table, I've delved into the world of embroidery.

I started with the Wee Wonderfuls Elf Stitchette pattern and have managed to complete both the boy & girl elf. The plan is to make them into Xmas stockings (yup, starting early this year).

Just as I finished those two and was in need of another 'on-the-go' project, I saw your tag linking to the Purl bee Sashiko Tutorial. Perfect! Two nights in front of TV and a trip to-and-from work and I've finished the embroidery on my bargain 35c onesie (photo to be inserted..).

It is so hard to find boy-appropriate crafts, so I was really pleased with this. The stitching is a little uneven (hmm... super stretchy fabric isn't the best for this project) & I ended up free-handing most of it (hmm... I have to invest in a fabric marker - the blunt china pencil isn't really cutting it). I'm happy with the end result.

So happy in fact that I've started another one this morning on one of The Boy's onesies. Bugger bugger! I got this much done before Daglish and then realized I left my thread at home. Bugger! I had to sit and twiddle my thumbs for the rest of the trip. What am I going to do on the way home?? Bugger.

I'll load up some photos tonight of the finished work. I'm blogging at work during (yet another) incubation with photos from my phone.

Oh! good-o. My timer has just gone off and I've run out of stuff to ramble on about.

A proud mamma

Along the crafty lines of my last post, I thought I would show you Giles' first ever drawing.

Ahh, aren't I the proud mamma.

Good thing these textas are washable, he likes to draw on the highchair more than the paper. He's quite adamant about it too! The photo was taken last month, but I just downloaded it off my phone this morning (again, killing time during an incubation) and thought I'd do a quick post.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Look Sharp!

...Or 'How you kill time during an incubation'

Jacq tagged a cool craft for kids using sharpies and some solvent to make these firework/flower patterns.
Thought I would give it a go in in the lab on some tissue. Will take some isopropanol home and try it on some fabric.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Figs & Crepes

crepe & fig
Title says it all, no?

We are so lucky to have such a great friend who keeps us supplied with free-range eggs, tomatoes, parsley, 'church bread', hot cups of coffee, fresh cookies and/or cake, play-dates at a minutes notice, good chats and always good laughs all within a 5 minute walk from our house.

Last time we were down at Bec's, we came home with a bag of home grown figs. Dare to dream hey Jacq?!? 5 min simmer on the stove-top and Voila, instant fig compote. This just sung out for fresh crepes, so of course, I obliged. Yummy!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

A 2-2 1sie

A Tutu Onsie inspired by some super cute clothes by Snazzidrawers I saw on ETSY a long time ago. I had figured it was too much work to cut tulle into thin strips, plus I found it impossible to find soft tulle, it was all stiff and scratchy, not so nice for a babe's bottom! What I did find was some netting made for crochet/knitting. It is precut into about 2cm strip. Pink trim from a wee store in Busselton, knicker elastic for the other two rows. Wove strips with wool needle. Have meters of the stuff now!!! Tonnes to make......


Oh, must continue post later The Boy just awoke!

Quilting round-and-round

Quilt1Remember this fabric? I finally cut into it and made Giles a quilt following one of Martha's tutorials.

It is a dead-easy quilt to make as "the design is created simply by sewing strips around a center piece to form concentric rectangles." I was able to cut the strips while The Boy was taking his bath (I did this on the floor of the bathroom!) and did all the piecing that night after he went to bed. All up, it took around 5 hours to make the quilt top.

Quilt2The next night I sewed the backing on & machine quilted by stitching in the ditch in a concentric circle going out from the center rectangle (I don't have a good photo of the back to show you, but you get what I mean). As I didn't have any quilting batting, and am trying to 'use what I have', I used some printed polar fleece that a friend had given me that I was never quite sure what to do with. It is a great cheap alternative to quilters batting and it has made a thin, but nice & warm quilt.

I made the binding from the animal print fabric and followed Heather's instructions. Ta Da!

Editited to add: I forgot to say I found more of the animal print at Textile Traders for $9.95/m so bought some more to make a summer grobag/sleepsac as well. I used Bec's no bias binding tutorial. Mum laughs and says when he is in bed with the gorbag & quilt, he disappears and all you can see is a head. 

You can see a pretty crap photo of it HERE.