Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fleecy Butt-cover-uper-ers


These overalls are my very first attempt at making clothes for Giles. I did it the easy way and used bonded fleece and simply traced a pattern right onto the fleece from a pair of overalls he already wears. A few embellishments on his butt pockets and voila, easy-peasy!

It has taken me so long to show you these photos, Giles has nearly grown out of them. No kidding, his little milk-belly is making the seam down the front stretch to breaking point (I've since learned you are supposed to


reinforce an overlocked seam with a straight stitch....Oh well, next time)


  1. Cutest bum I ever saw ... thanks for the post...I watch every day

  2. They are certainly very cute overalls and the little fella inside them is even cuter. Hats off to cutting a pattern from existing outfit, I cant ever seem to get it right.

  3. [...] directly onto the fabric, trace around and wing-it-and-see. It hasn’t worked too badly in the past, but I gotta say it was miles easier using a pattern with instructions, even for such a simple [...]