Friday, December 28, 2007

Poles Apart

Southern Hemisphere Christmas

::My Outfit::

Just off the phone with you Jacq, sitting having a glass of wine waiting for Giles to wake up before I got dressed into my new Chrissy outfit (it's hanging on the door). It was too damn hot to get dressed before I had to, or I would have arrived looking like a soggy lump of dough!

::Our Christmas Table::

Mel & Rhys did a beautiful job of decorating the tables and making it feel most festive! We shared our day with Mel's family which

::Outside Christmas Day::

Perth recorded 39.5C for Christmas Eve, 40.7C for Christmas Day and 44.2 C (111F) for Boxing Day, the hottest three-day Christmas period since records began!!!

What I really wanted to photograph was an egg frying on the road, but I couldn't bring myself to hang outside for long enough! Instead, here is a photo taken at about 8:30pm. We had just gotten home and the house was sitting at a stifling 37.9C. The only place to be was outside under the pergola with what little breeze their was, blowing though the yard. Giles toddled around for another hour or so while we had another cold beer, then we all collapsed into bed. A fantastic Xmas day!

I can't say we wished you were here (the weather was too revolting) but we sure wished we were with you on Christmas day! We love you all XXOOXX

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