Saturday, February 9, 2008

A 2-2 1sie

A Tutu Onsie inspired by some super cute clothes by Snazzidrawers I saw on ETSY a long time ago. I had figured it was too much work to cut tulle into thin strips, plus I found it impossible to find soft tulle, it was all stiff and scratchy, not so nice for a babe's bottom! What I did find was some netting made for crochet/knitting. It is precut into about 2cm strip. Pink trim from a wee store in Busselton, knicker elastic for the other two rows. Wove strips with wool needle. Have meters of the stuff now!!! Tonnes to make......


Oh, must continue post later The Boy just awoke!

1 comment:

  1. OMG. so adorable. Very resourceful using the crotchet "yarn". I must source some now and 2-2 away....don't know who for but damn it's so cute I must make one or 2-2.