Friday, June 6, 2008

Twirly Skirts

Well with only three days notice for a five year old's birthday...what do you do?!

Easton was invited to a young girl's birthday, from her Pre-school class, Gianna Campisi. I knew right away what I was going to make for her gift. She is very similar to Easton with her love of anything princess/dance related, and my mind instantly went to the few meters of fabric I had just thrifted from our local "Sally Ann" (Salvation Army).

It was a beautiful ;) sequined aqua fabric, truly only dreamt up for a young girl of 4 or 5...or some figure skater or drag queen...dreamy!!! A little purple and aqua tule, sequined braid, elastic and silk lining...wa-la...a skirt made for only twirling and swirling. A tank top, equally "bedazzled" with sequins, ribbon and braid and there you have was a hit!!! 4 days later...according to Gianna's mum, Brandi, she was still wearing it having not taken it off...even for bed.

Gianna's twirling skirt

 Easton, was of course...intensely happy for Gianna, whilst simutaneously immensely jealous. I promised I would make her a twirly skirt for her girlfriend, Ella's 5th birthday which was a "dance party". She was exstatic, needless to say when I pulled it out on the day. Tasman was shattered! Where was his dance outfit?!!! Well last minute pressure always brings out the best in me...I whipped him up a Travolta/Saturday Night Fever style matching sequined shirt to wear with his authentic 70's brown polyester 3-piece suit. A little tule buttonhole and was the styliest man at the party! The pictures aren't great but you get the idea.

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