Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Easter Giveaway

Well, the Easter Giveaway almost went off without a hitch. I had a wonderful rush on people entering the comp by tagging the Giveaway photo which meant that it reached the max (50 I think) before the comp closed. No dramas, I allowed people to comment below the photo, which a few did. 

It was good actually. The kids both knew I was drawing the Easter prize and wanted to be part of it so before rushing to work at 7:30am, I cut up all the names & let Miss T draw a name from the hat. Whoo hoo....Winnner!

The Boy then decided he wanted to pull out a winner & wouldn't be placated by telling him he can pull out a name too. "But I wanted to draw the winner!!!". Quick solution to the ensuing fight....two winners!!!

So you lucky gals, both get an Easter treat. One will be going in the post tomorrow, the other was very kindly sent off to a good friend of her's whom she says could do with some cheering up.

The giveaway was a huge success. I don't really care how many (if any) sales I make from this, or if my 'like' numbers increase. It just felt really exciting to be giving away a little Mollydag Made goodness. Maybe that's what I should do with all the things I make :) hee hee....

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