Monday, May 28, 2007

No hair & a big head makes Giles a chilly boy.

vege shoppingWe trouped out to the Midland Farmers Market early this morning to stock up on veges for the week. There is something about coming home with 7 bags full of fresh fruit & veges to fill the fridge for less than $50 that makes you feel all holier than thou!

 Fleece hat

The point of this post however was to say that it was pretty chilly for the wee man, particularly as he follows closely in his daddy's footsteps regarding the lack of hair! We hunted through all our hand-me-downs and couldn't find a toque to fit his big noggin so he had to go without.

G & M

So, when we got home, I whipped up a custom fitted fleece hat following Martha's instructions. I'm really pleased I got to use some of the 'vintage' ribbon from Mum's stash. I'm getting better at using things in my collection rather than hording them waiting for the perfect project, as this is one of my new resolutions!


  No more cold head!

 :: You can't half tell that Giles is Mark's boy!!! LOL



  1. the hat is very cute, your little guy looks very happy with his happening new hat.

  2. oh boy! what a boy! Love the new hat! Looks like he does too!