Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Soprano Sock Puppets

This must be a first for me.....getting a birthday present finished (well this part of it anyhow) 4 months early! I made three sock puppets using childrens fuzzy socks as I thought they would fit a little hand better than a huge adult sock. All the eyes were from Mum's button stash that she gave me from her sewing box. It is so great to give life to something that has been sitting in the bottom of a cupboard for years and years. My fave is the pig. The toe of the sock has been pushed in, then the buttons sewn in to make the nostrils. I am really pleased how this one turned out.

Sock Puppets

I hope she gets lots of fun out of these.

PS. they're called Soprano Sock puppets as I made them while watching season 2 of the Sopranos. Mark & I watched them back-to-back last weekend.

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  1. Love these...and so will Easton!!! Amber you're so clever! My fav is the black and grey stripe...so much character!