Sunday, March 8, 2009

A is for pain-in-the ASS...

A is for Apron should read:
A is for ALTERATION, or
A is for pain-in-the-ASS

I just fell in love with the Kaleidoscope apron that was published in the book A is for Apron & highlighted on Etsy's handmade blog 'How-to: Stitch an Apron' and linked to in Whipup and Craftzine. I've been squirreling this pattern away waiting for the right opportunity to make such a cute apron and as this weekend was Mel's kitchen tea, I thought this couldn't be a better pressie for her!
Now, with two kids (one being only 7 weeks old) my sewing time (or any time for myself for that matter) is very, VERY precious. The last thing you want is to leap into the project only to find at what felt like EVERY turn, there are mistakes to this gorgeous pattern & tutorial. Wrong enlargement size, wrong measurements, poor descriptions, the list goes on. Did I mention my time is very precious. After many expletives, some deep breaths and help from my techno-savy husband, I completed the apron. I stuck with it because I think it is a gorgeous looking apron and was worth the effort.
I gave it to Mel & she loved it. Doesn't she just look a doll!

I thought I would write up my modified pattern so that people who wish to reproduce the picture can do so without the trauma I went through.

Just for you interest use to following links to download:

The original pattern from Etsy

The revised templates published on the Lark Books website   (they are still errors in this template!)

Instead of downloading the pdf and trying to enlarge it at your local Officeworks or such, here is the pattern, enlarged as per the errata at Lark Books (found that a bit too late! I'd already cut out the 1st batch of fabric before I realised it didn't fit together - #@**@+!) ready for you to download & print. You just have to stick it all together.

I have done some major modifications to the waistband as the measurements given in the original & in the edited version are STILL wrong.
Here is a version that will work:

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