Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekend Zig Zag Baby Quilt

One of the handiest baby gifts we were given when The Boy was born 2.5 years ago, was a quilt Jacqueline made us. It was made entirely from flannel and was the perfect size and weight for everyday use. We used it as a wrap, floor mat, spit-up cloth, pram & cot blanket, picnic blanket.....actually, we still do with our 2nd Wee-one who is now 10 weeks old!

As Felicity's baby shower is next weekend I thought I would try to make her something similar. 

 I used the cutting & piecing method described by the Purl Bee'sZig Zag Quilt. Because I wanted the quilt to be square & smaller than a crib-sized quilt, I cut:

  • Sixteen 4-7/8 inch squares from the pink fabric,

  • Sixteen 4-7/8 inch squares from the white fabric,

  • Thirty-two 4-7/8 inch squares from the yellow fabric,
    But didn't bother with the 

  • Three 4-1/2 inch x 32-1/2 inch strips from the yellow fabric

The quilt ended up being 8x8 squares, measuring X cm (X inches) square - Perfect! It's as if I planned it that way.

I backed the quilt with flannel, pink with small white stars. I added a strip of the flower fabric (made from the off-cuts) -partly because it looks good & everyone seems to be doing it, and partly because my flannel was too short so I needed to add extra length. I like the result a lot.

The end result is a very soft, compact quilt that is perfect for the nappy bag, bottom of the pram or bassinet. I hope she likes it.

I will definitely make another this way again. If I can make it in less than 48 hours with 2 kiddies, one of whom loves to play with the pin-cushion & sewing machine peddle, and another who feeds every 2-3 hours (or so it seems sometimes!), ANYONE CAN!

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