Monday, March 8, 2010

Sheer cuteness!

Why was I so scared about doing this it's so easy!
instead of tidying & getting ready for our busy week I sat at the machine to pump out the remainder of my cloth nappies (before the wee gal grows out if them). two inserts later I wad bored, bored, bored so decided to swap gears completely and sew her up a shirred dress.
All the tutorials out there say it's so easy and what do you know, it is! I'm hooked now. I couldn't stop at one dress and whipped up another, then matching bloomers for the 1st dress.
Now, who else do I know who NEEDS a dress/top like this?


  1. Wow...way to go girl!! she looks adorable..and lovin' her push along I see. I'm lovin' the GLIMPSES of back yard...can you send a pic or two so I can see how it all turned out? You've inspired me to try shirring again....I've never got it to work properly.

  2. Very cute. Love, Love the bloomers. Still not convinced about giving shirring another go, thus I will be handing you any future projects involving this.

  3. me i need some well for emily or if u have a patten i can borrow that would be cool

  4. [...] from daycare too, her birthday is this SUNDAY!! Hmmmm, still not sure what to make. What about some shirred dresses liked these. Think a 4 yr old will like them for the [...]