Friday, July 2, 2010

The best bibs

I love these bibs from Bec's tutorial. I've made some before and they make such a perfect gift (Well I think so, let's hope Amy agrees! Ha ha)

I made 2 yesterday after calling Auntie Sally to see if she would come down to mind the kids. Of course they went from whiney, clingy kids to perfect angels when Sally arrived. Good thing she bought her crocheting with her. She just sat at the kitchen table crocheting & making coffees while we chatted all afternoon. The kids played really happily by themselves - TYPICAL!

Thanks Sally. That was a fun & productive afternoon.

I made a third this morning because all my gear was still on the kitchen table and both kids were happily bopping around with their digital cameras (gotta love old broken technology - perfect for the dress-up box).

Aren't they great and don't you like my model. Now I want to make some for her too. She still uses giles's bib all the time.


  1. They really r a great shaped bib. cant take credit, i just copied shape from a bought one. vry cute