Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Girly Headbands x2

What to make a 4 year old girl for her birthday?

Headbands - one for school (she has to wear only red) and one for everyday wear.

The zipper flower was made using one of the zillions of tutorials out there. I modge podged (is that a word?) the headband and covered it with some fabric. It seemed to work and hopefully will hold up. The inside of the headband is trimmed with felt for comfort.

The 2nd band has been in my WIP box for ages (I'm talking at least 1.5 years - whoops). Bec's mum or grandmother had a book on ribbon folding and showed me how to do it a long time ago. If she hasn't shown you on her blog how it's done and if you're interested, I'll make a quick tutorial for you Jacq.

Mark said the headbands were a big hit with the birthday girl. She and a friend wore them right out of the wrapping paper. Whew!

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