Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A day in the park

A day in the park 03/30/2011 

I don't normally share too much of my own dreamlets (unless they are modeling a new Mollydag creation!) but I had to share this album. My great friend Candy from Candy Goldsmith Art and Photography & spent the morning in Hyde Park & look at the gorgeous shots she caught of my two dreamlets & her little girl Bonnie.

I have to say, those photographers earn their keep! It's hard work getting kids to be where the light is good, stand still enough to be captured and yet remain natural & candid. Between tantrums (mostly Miss T....well and a little bit of mummy tantrum too...), taking shoes off, toilet runs, falls, bonked foreheads, putting shoes back on, broken pom pom wands & an impromptu stop for morning tea you have to snap where and when you can. Candy did a fabulous job and I'm so pleased. I know she has a tonne of other photos to share that she just hasn't had time to edit yet.

Candy you are the BOMB!!! Thank you, thank you XXXX

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