Sunday, May 29, 2011

Another day, another market

My I haven't posted for a long while! Geeze the last post was my own market....

Anyhoo, I'm back from the Market Girl - Boutique Market in Perth. It was a bit hectic with the two dremlets in tow (I will TRY not to do that again) but with Mum to give me a hand I still had a blast whipping around saying hi to a few people & perusing some stalls.

I wish I had more photos but I did snap these of the kids running away with dinner from the Turban Chopsticks.  They looked so adorable (if I do say so myself) the lovely Mei-Sann jumped out from behind the counter to get in on the action. What a cute three-some they made!

I got to say hi to Elaine & Kelly from 76 Tilly Lane, but missed Victoria from Brussel Sprouts (she had ducked to the loo!). These girls have traveled all the way from Kalgoorlie for this market so Tansy, Julie & I spiced up their trip down to the Big Smoke with a delicious dinner at a fabulous Indian restaurant in Freo last night!! It was so great to meet yet more fabulous people face-to-face after meeting in the virtual world of Facebook.

There were so many other fabulous stores there today you should really check out all the links through the Market girl website. There is so much talent packed into this corner of Australia!

Oh, and a big Thanks! goes out to the girls from Taylor'd Events for giving the kids the incentive to get around the Market with good humour and no tantrums with the lure of some sand-art play & a packet of lollies if they were well behaved. It worked! They were so proud of these little pieces of 'art'. Miss T insisted that hers was 'for daddy'. Won't he be chuffed.

 Ohhh, and if you look really hard, do you notice a wee pom pom topiary in the background??? Taylor'd Events are going to offer my Mollydag Made Pom Pom Hair clips as part of their party package. How cute! A topiary table centerpiece that comes apart at the end of the party so all the girls take home hair clips as a party favour! What a fabulous idea - well done Jo & Janie.

I hope your weekend was fun Jacq. I hope to take some pictures of what is coming through the sewing machine these past few days! I have been busy.......but you'll have to wait now until the sun is shining again (I think it going to bucket down tonight!)

Love A.


  1. Yay for pompom topiary! Sorry I missed the market, flat out being hungover ;)

  2. Your cherubs are so gorgeous, and such fantastic models ;)

  3. pom pom topiary looks awesome!!! am seeing a different stall at our next markets!!!! :)