Sunday, August 28, 2011

1, 2, 3, 4, 5...Once I caught a fish alive

How's your weekend been?

Mine's been a hoot! Mr Mollydag took the dreamlets to see the new Thomas the Tank Engine movie on Saturday and left me (and my sewing machine) at home to finish up a bunch of projects that were all on the go at once.

One of my favourites that is finally complete is the Magnetic Fishing Set that I've been working on. I'm so pleased with my little rainbow school of fish I thought I'd play around with some stop-motion animation today to showcase their fishiness. 

Am I not the biggest Mollydag of them all!!! My housewifely duties have been thoroughly ignored this weekend while I indulged myself but I had such a fun time though. The Boy & I even made a short film this afternoon of his Lightning McQueen & Pals racing along the path. 

Stop motion is so easy (time consuming, but easy), you should give it a go. 

Between 'shoots', we drove out to the Midland Farmers Markets. It has been ages since we've made it out there, with one thing or another happening on the weekend and I'm really pleased we did today. It was fabulous to walk amongst the piles of fresh fruit & veges. 


The Boy & I played a game while Daddy shopped - Find the Rainbow.We did pretty well with the exeption of blue. Hmmm,no blueberries here in Perth so we had to settle for a stack of blue strawberry boxes (cheating I know). It was a great way to amuse a 4 yr old boy & I'll be playing that game again for sure.

Look at this poppet. She is obsessed with flowers at the moment. It seems she is always carrying some kind of foliage around with her. It is good but on more than one occasion, we've had a mini-meltdown when said posy can't be located as it's fallen on the ground or been forgotten when something else has taken her fancy. Luckily she is most often placated with a new pretty to hold.

Our day was rounded out with a game of Boules with Poppy. The kids just love going up to 'the bush' to his house. There is so much to see and explore.

Well, I hope that you all had as much fun as I did this weekend. I'm now off to put my feet up in front of the idiot box for a scant few minutes before crashing into bed.

Night Night.


  1. What a beautiful weekend you had Amber and I love that game! I will play that with Holden for sure <3 and where and when will the fishy's be for sale <3

  2. Tehehe it was so appropriate to play playschool. That was sure worth the time, it was fantastic!! Glad you had a great weekend. We had the surprise of Brother in-law flying in from Japan.

  3. I grovel at your feet, you are truly awesome. Stop Animation???!!! So glad I know you.

  4. Adorable. Love the film and the rainbow fish.