Sunday, January 22, 2012

I spy bags, AKA Peek-a-boo!

Meet the newest addition to the Games to Go! 
A wee I-spy bag perfect to keep the dreamlets busy. 

Each 14cm bag is filled with lupins, and hiding amongst them are 10 little wooden disks, stamped with a wee picture on both sides. Squish n' squash, shake & shimmy to move the disks around behind the window. 

How long will it take you to find all 20 little pictures?

I couldn't resist. As I was sewing these bags & stacking them up beside the sewing machine, they reminded me so much of The Princess & The Pea. The kids were most fascinated by what I was doing. Here's an excerpt of the conversation with The Boy,

Boy:  "why have you got a pea?"
Me: "well, they were trying to see if she could feel the pea. That would mean she was a princess".
Boy: "why did she have all those mattresses, I only have 1"
Me: "you're not a princess".

Then Miss T ate the pea!

I'll be giving one of these bags away as a freebie on my Facebook page before listing them in my store.
So get over & get yourself one !!

PS. I love a little helper who wants to be just like mummy...

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