Thursday, January 19, 2012

Little lovelies

Look at these two super cute wee dolls from Cook You Some Noodles (what a great name!). They belong to a friend of mine who was super lucky to jag not one, but 3 of these little wonders. 

Apparently these dollies are rarer than hens teeth in rocking horse poop. Looking at the attention to detail and immaculate construction, I'm not surprised when these dolls sell within seconds of being listed in her web store.

The wee boy has hand painted shoes & a helicopter on his T. I love the fact he has a fake fly sewn into his jeans & a hand crochet toque! The little girl has hand painted mary-janes, a removable skirt & the cutest rosette in her hair. You can even buy a matching bag & sleeping bag for the dolls.

I'm constantly in awe of the beautiful handcraft that can be found around the traps & it really was a treat to meet these two up close & personal.

I see that the next market night is this sunday, so if you like these dolls, I'd be getting my trigger finger ready to grab one before they're gone.

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