Monday, March 12, 2007

The Wallis Gene

We had a bit of drama this morning as Giles took a tumble. Bad Mummy!!! :(

I phoned Jacq and she just cracked-up laughing "Must be the Wallis gene" she said. We in this family find Funniest Home Videos something to truly laugh at, particularly when people fall off swings or slides etc. I must find

Anyhow, Giles is OK, just a bit shaken up. I think I'm more traumatised than he is. He's been in my arms most of the morning as I don't want to let him out of my arms again. As I've been left with only one arm, it's given me the time to browse many other great crafting blogs & bookmark things I like. There are so many creative people out there (some with WAY too much time on their hands).

So don't forget to check out our CraftyMammas bookmarks.

1 comment:

  1. Glad to here the wee man is OK. Sorry I couldn't stop laughing...mean aunty!
    Yep, gotta dislike all those crafty people with seemingly limitless time up their sleeves...maybe their childrenhave an "off" switch. Thanks for the inspiring links