Thursday, March 15, 2007

Handy Dandy Diaper Purse

Inspired by the upcoming arrival of the Shultz and Gale babies, I wanted to give these families a user friendly diapering "system" that both Mums and Dads would appreciate. I think this handy dandy diaper purse is just the thing.

I know, when changing a little wee bum, it is important to be quick and fuss free. You need everything at your fingertips, so the procedure can go as smooth as possible. Let's be honest, for some reason children fight getting a clean bum. After flipping a coin to see who's turn it is, ;) grab this bag and go...all you need is right there.

Diaper Purse

Inside Diaper PurseFlip open the bag and you'll find it comfortably holds a refillable Huggies wipes case, 3-4 small or 2-3 large diapers, a coordinating waterproof change mat and tube of diaper cream. Use the pop-up wipes case without having to unpack. The wide pockets allow you to remove supplies or restock quickly and easily. The waterproof mat provides a dry, hygenic, clean change space,  no matter where you are...back of the car, friend's new white suede couch, on the grass at the park, atop the quesionably clean changetable you'll find in most public washrooms.

This convenient bag can be carried both in your diaper bag as an organiser, or independently. Carry it over your shoulder, leaving your hands free to wrestle the little one on the way to the women's washroom. Hook it on your stroller or shopping cart. Stylish enough to tuck your wallet inside and head out to dinner...all prepared. As your children reach 2 or 3 years old and require less paraphenalia to be dragged about, this bag could serve as the only diaper bag you'll need.

I think this bag has it all. I did however note some improvements/additions that could be made whilst making this prototype. How about a little carabiner on the outside, below the handle, to attach keys/toys. How about an interior pocket in which you could slip a small wallet or cell phone. I'm so pleased with this concept...the end result lived up to my mental image. I'm about to start my second attempt. I will post a blow by blow tutorial and pattern for those interested soon.

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  1. OMG jacq, that is so cool. How long did it take to sew??? what fabric did you use for the exterior/interior. Where do you get plasic backed fabric? Can you see I would LOVE a tutorial as they would make great pressies.
    You are a clever little poppet.

  2. [...] cross strapped, ruched bodice pinafores for Easton. An apron of two for myself, and a few more diaper purses. I felt a little guilty, I admit, that I left the store with only one project in mind for Tasman. [...]

  3. Jacq-

    Your diaper purses are pure loveliness (I especially love the embellishments you're doing now- like the pom pom flowers). Could I ask you a question off-blog? I can't find a direct email link anywhere. I may just be snow blind from shoveling my driveway.

    Truly lovely work!


  4. Handbags...

    I used velcro to close the flap. I followed the......

  5. Is there anyway you could possibly email the instructions for this beautiful clever bag?

  6. Follow this link
    There is a link within the text to my flickr tutorial.