Monday, June 4, 2007

New shoes & shirt for the boy

New shoes and shirtSpotlight had their stocktake sale this week and bonded fleece was on sale at $10/m. Typical spotlight, I didnt' even know they stocked it until I saw it in the catalogue. You can never find anything in that store!

Anyhow, as today is a public holiday,  I spent the morning while Giles was napping, whipping up a pair of shoes from the Stardust Shoe tutorial & a matching T-shirt.

The shoes were really easy to make but they only just fit Giles' feet. Next time I'll have to make them longer and will increase the depth for the heel part. For now, they're a perfect fit & just right for our super chilly days.

I have to confess totally yoinked JoJo's idea for the matching t-shirt. Love it!

1 comment:

  1. Tres` cute!!!!!!! Nice one! and such a handsome model!!! I just want to squeeze him!