Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tilly's T-shirt

Tilly's T

A super fast project to be completed during a single Playschool episode:

  1. Go to What a Lovely Name, find your baby's name & then decide on the logo you like the best.

  2. Save it to the desktop.

  3. Import the pic into word. REVERSE THE IMAGE! (Me being the dumbass I am forgot to do this the first time. Tilly can only read her name in the mirror now)

  4. Print the image onto T-shirt transfer paper. Follow the instructions carefully to transfer the image onto a boring white hand-me-down T-shirt. Me, I had to guess at the instructions as I have lost the english ones & only have the ones in japanese, korean, arabic & chinese??  

  5. Try not to scald the shirt like I did & Ta-da. You're done!

These would be great embellishments to a little baby package for friends. I'll be making more of these for sure.

Thank you 'What a lovely name'!

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