Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rainbow Felted Eggs

It's been funny weather here - rainy one minute, sunny and hot the next - so making Rainbows was in order!

Aren't they so pretty. I'm a bit addicted to rainbows these days. My eye seems to be drawn to things in that ROYGBIV colourway and the make me happy. Maybe it's because I am subconsciously looking for that elusive pot of gold......?

So, now I can walk into my sewing room without tripping over a mountain of boxes, fabric, stuff, stuff and more stuff, I got to it and made a small clutch of Rainbow Felted EggsI haven't made any in ages so it was fun to get wet and soapy again. Seeing these little gems slowly forming in my kitchen sink was good for my creative soul - a much needed activity these days. The dreamlets sure liked it too. Each time one was finished, they'd run about the kitchen giving it a good shake-shake-shake! I can safely say they've all been 'tested' and work a treat, putting a smile on the dial of the youngsters & the big gal of this household.

Here's hoping there's a little sunshine and rainbows in your world today.

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