Monday, April 2, 2007

My Mei Tai

Mae Tai Mosaic

As our not-so-little man is not-so-little anymore, carrying him on my front can be tiring on my lower back after a while. While the Baby Bjorn we've been using is still awesome for quick trips out and about, it's that time of day when he's getting crabby & I'm trying to prepare dinner that the front pack just isn't cutting it. (It's hard to get anything done when can't see your hands!) I've been looking around at slings & carriers that I could sew & could be worn on your back. I decided to make 'Beths Mei Tai'. There are lots of patterns out there but I chose this one as she had fantastic step-by-step instructions, with photos included (imperative for the novice sewer) and it was a Mei Tai/wrap combo with really wide unpadded shoulder straps that I felt would distribute the weight better. This design has a pocket and sleep hood included. I added a strap with a press-stud snap (just have to use my snap machine ;) ) for keys.

It took a couple of nights, and one morning of Narnie babysitting Giles to get it finished. I'm really pleased with how it turned out. Groovy looking and super comfortable! It is a little big for Giles' short legs (Mark says he's doing the splits) but it means it will be good until he is quite a bit older. It is sewn from lightweight canvas so is really strong, but also soft & comfortable.

I love it. Easy to sew & comfy to wear. Giles loves being in it when we cook dinner in the evenings .We'll report back after a shopping trip or the like as to how it fared......


  1. Love it! Makes me wish my kids were small again. Although I still use the Ring Sling to carry Tas on my hip. I bet he'd sit on the back. I love the fabric. What fabric did you use for the ties? How does the jid not fall out if his arms aren't out?

  2. Thanks Jacq. I used lightweight canvas for the back & the black ties (you know, the indoor decorator type) BTW, keep an eye on that fabric, it will be making another appearance for Easton!
    Those photos I took were from the 1st time I tried it on, I've since tied it a little differently, more like the instructions shown in this link:

    Babies wont fall out as they are tied in pretty close to your back (or front if you want) The other thing you can do is fold up the bottom of the MeiTai one or two turns to shorten the body, that way it can fit a smaller child. I do this for Giles now and he fits better than in the photos.

    Here is another link to a bunch of different patterns & sewing help. It is 1/2 way down the page under 'soft carriers'