Thursday, January 6, 2011

Button Giveaway

Just kidding! Not that kind of button anyway. Thanks to Oikology 101 I made a MollydagMade button and whilst I was at it, one for my partner in crime Mellebug & one for my gorgeous sister in Canada SewSimpleDesigns.

So girls, grab your own button & throw it on your blog! You'll find them after the jump.

And if any reader of my musings here happens to want to have a Mollydag Made button of their very own, you would make me most happy. Sharing is caring......

PS. when searching Google Images for 'sewing button' for this post, who do I see staring out at me on page 22........Me?? How weird was that. It is from a post on the old Craftymammas blog from March 2008.


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