Sunday, January 16, 2011


I had a most wonderful afternoon at my new found pal Jen from Pikelet Workshop. She had been looking for a new 'assistant' (ie. the sweatshop worker, ha ha) to help her with the piece work for her poppet creations.

Well as she is hunting, Jen comes across a post on facebook on a friend's wall about my sister, Jacq's, new business Sew Simple. She takes a look & thinks, great this girl is for me! A few quick emails back & forth and Jen discovers that Jacq resides in Canada. Hmmm, a bit far away to be of any help. Jacq mentions that I live in Australia and may be able to help.

A few emails later and not only am I able to help, but I live less than 5 min from Jen's house! Perfect. I then find out that my great friend from Playgroup worked with Jen years and years ago in retail & had met Jen in the local Coles not 2 weeks before Jen contacted me by email. I also learn that it was a mutual friend of both Jen, Jacq & I who orginially posted about Jacq's new website AND (after not seeing her since last summer) I met her in IKEA the day before meeting with Jen. Perth is just too small.

I like to think of it that some things were just meant to be.

Here is just a small sample of the fabulousness she creates. I think there are to be fun times ahead, I can feel it in my waters!

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