Saturday, January 29, 2011

Upcycled Bermuda Shorts

Lets start this post by saying....."This humidity is killing me!" Ok, I know there are plenty of others out there who live with this daily, or who are in even worse situations than me but for a Perthite this is pretty rare. It's currently 41C and bleh humid. It seems there is a cyclone off the coast that is scheduled to cross right through Perth on Sunday. I've lived here for over 25 years and I don't ever recall a cyclone coming through town. Ohhh, just as I'm typing the rain is beginning to fall!!! Geeze I hope there isn't any clothes on the line. Better go check.......

Nope all good. Now where was I? complaining about the weather...that doesn't make for an interesting crafty blog post so here goes with some sewing..........
Size L shorts, size 5 shirt - here on a 7 yr old
Ok, with all this heat we've been locked up in the house with the aircon & TV going so I've been sewing like a mad woman. I have made up 4 pairs of these Bermuda shorts and I'm really happy with. They are so uber groovy don't you think?

How cute are these 2 tushes!

I made a couple of similar pairs for The Boy months ago (looking back it was October, time flies), then a pair for a little buddy who turned 4 in January. I loved them so much I though I would whip up a few pairs and see how they go in the store.

Dork Boy stylin his pair of Upcycled shorts

These new shorts are a little more refined & professional- fully lined pockets, adjustable waists, double stitched side seams etc, and I'm really happy. Who knew that a scant few years ago I could barely sew a straight line!

SET 1 - Black & White check:

SET 2: Rockin' it in Lemon

I'm going to add them to the Facebook & Madeit stores so we'll see how they fare.

Because of the long-length cut of the shorts, I decided to make all the shorts with adjustable waists to make the shorts able to fit the widest range of kids. 

Sizes available will be:
LARGE - 25cm inner seam, fits ages 4-7
MEDIUM- 20cm inner seam, fits ages 2-4
SMALL - 15cm inner seam, fits ages 12mth-3
Of course this is just a guide, best you measure the length of your wee man and make your choice from there. 

Whew, what a pic heavy post. I'll have to scour around to find more shirts, I love this new gig!

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  1. You are sooooo amazing! I love how you've used the placket to embellish the bottom of the shorts! I will be trying these myself....oooo goody something else to add to the thrifty list!!!