Saturday, February 5, 2011

And off he goes....

 Our wee man was off to his very first day of Kindy today. All four of us walked him to school this and dropped him at his classroom. Giles was so excited & confident. When we got there he put his bag away found his name tag then went off to find a puzzle to play with. Tilly thought Kindy was pretty cool too. I think she thought she was at daycare! After a couple of minutes of play we kissed him goodbye and hucked it on out of there.

Turns out he had a brilliant day. He told the teacher a 'secret' (that he had Lightning McQueen yoghurt in his lunch box! Pretty big for a 4 yr old), did a colouring in which we hung in the toy room, played inside and out, sung, read a story on the mat - and all of this within 3 hours! Lets hope he enjoys next week just as much.

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