Thursday, February 24, 2011

Yoghurt Pop Recipe

Its been so hot here in Perth. Hot and humid......bleugh! I'm over it.

One of the things that is getting us through is these icy cold treats. So here's a recipe which will cool you down AND get forbidden fruit into the mouths of your kiddlets. If yours are anything like mine and give you a performance like they are being poisoned with arsenic every time you try to get them to eat anything that isn't an apple or banana, this is the recipe for you.

Delicious yoghurt pops. The trick with these is to use jelly crystals. This softens the final mix so it isn't so 'icy' and crunchy. They are yummo!

OK lets go......

Grab your materials: 
Kettle for boiling water, icy-pole moulds & a food processor. 
1 packet jelly crystals, fresh or frozen fruit (approx 1 cup) and 1 cup yoghurt.

 Place 1 packet of jelly crystals (flavour of your choice) in your food processor. 

Zussss it up with 1 cup of boiling water until crystals dissolve. Allow this to cool a bit (unless you are going to use frozen fruit)

 If you are using frozen fruit continue right along. If your fruit is room temp make sure your jelly mixture is luke warm. 
Ok, add 1 banana or cup of berries/peaches/apricots etc. Use whatever you have in season & in the fridge. I've added both banana AND 1 cup of peaches and it was delicious!
 Zusss again until your fruit is well blended and has no lumps (no lumps is VITAL when dealing with a 4yr old fusspot).
Add 1 cup of natural yoghurt. 
Zusss again and you're just about done!
 Pour into moulds

Freeze for 6hrs or overnight (no-brainer)


Let me know what your favourite combos are. At the moment ours is 'Pink rocket pops' (port wine jelly, blueberries & raspberries).

PS. if you didn't like to use jelly crystals, you can use plain gelatine or agar-agar. THis would cut down on the sugar content & artificial flavours/colours, but hey - they're a treat!

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  1. Brilliant - going to try this - I bought some moulds recently and think the girls will love them with jelly crystals.