Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tulle Pom Pom Hair Clips now at Joallie Petit !

Its official. My fabulously soft Tulle Pom Pom 'Puffs' are now being sold alongside the wonderful creations of Joallie Petit. Jo makes the most intricate appliqued hair clips all designed and handcrafted. They are just beautiful! You should absolutely flick on over and have a browse through her loveliness.

Jo and I have been chatting on Facebook and over the phone since I first met her at the Christmas UpMarkets. After months of chatting, it was fabulous to finally meet again in the flesh. We caught up on a super windy Friday morning at a newly discovered coffee shop in Guildford. We tucked ourselves away in the back corner of the shop on some comfy couches and nattered away over tea & coffee for a couple of hours. Good thing Jo had a lunch date or I would swear we would still be there!

Jo has been a huge help to me and has been very generous in sharing her expertise & wisdom in the basics of clip making right through to marketing, product development and the pitfalls of a WHAM business. It has been so valuable to have both Jo and Jen as supporters of the smaller business and I'm thrilled to have a product that is now being sold alongside her beautiful creations.

My Miss T has been wearing her's for months so it is very exciting to be now sharing these out to all the other deserving wee girls & young ladies alike! So, look gorgeous out at ballet or in the school yard. Get your gal a pair of Pom Pom Hairclips, only $9.50 for set of two.


  1. Thanks so much for such a lovely entry & shout-out!! I'm really looking forward to extending this collaboration with many ideas!!!

  2. Amber, these are so adorable...people are going to LOVE them!