Monday, February 14, 2011

It's here again! Celebrate the Boy


I know all crafty people who know, or have boys of their own are always finding it hard pressed to sew up some fabulous things for their boys. Being a mother to a 4 year old Little Man, I know that here is just not enough out there in BlogLand for our boys. Thank goodness the girls from MADE and Made by Rae are doing their second annual Celebrate the Boy month.

I'll be adding their button to my sidebar because I'll be eagerly awaiting the twice daily posts of all things BOY! I will also trawl through my 4 years of archives to hunt down some of my boy posts and maybe even come up with something new for the boys!

So play along.


  1. I'm following!!! I have some ideas myself.

  2. well, its not quite here. I got a bit excited. It will start Next week. whoops!