Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday, sunday

I'm taking a break from labeling bottles of chemicals and thought I'd drop in for a ramble. 

It is so quiet here in the lab on a Sunday I feel like some company. Most times I love the quiet, no little dreamlets underfoot, no helping one get in and out of pants to get off and on the toilet, no coming up with new activities and sorting out whos turn it is with which toy. like I say, normally I love my weekend work day but today it is a little lonely in here by myself, particularly as I've been hauled up inside a room, inside a room, inside a room! Yup, you can't get more isolated than the storage room for all the poisons used in the Lab.

Anyhoo, as there is no one here, I thought I'd chat to you. Keeping me company today has been Two little banshees. I've spent my lunch break browsing pages and pages of her fabulous blog going back in time, watching her kiddies get younger and younger! She is a fabulously creative woman living in the SW of Western Australia. I have seen many of her softies around both in the Softies book & at the Perth Upmarket so it was kinda nice to get to know her through her blog. 

Just some of the things I've bookmarked to come back to later are her recipe for pumpkin bread:

and an easy quilt pattern made from fat quarters:

Thank You Kate for bringing a little crafty sunshine into my otherwise very dreary day :)

Now back to auditing the chemical store.....

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  1. I'm glad I could help!! And thanks for the pumpkin bread reminder - I haven't made it for ages.